Friday, March 6, 2009

Powerpoint is Software, Not a Projector

This will probably be my first of many posts about Powerpoint. And this is my opinion. Powerpoint is a program designed to create and display presentations. Not create stationary. Not layout newsletters. It is a presentation software. And it is pretty good at that. That being said, powerpoint is an important tool for Main Street Programs. You should have a standardized powerpoint template for your organization to use. This template can be used by your Economic Restructuring Committee to pitch new businesses, or by Organization to present to potential donors, and we are always in favor of the Main Street Organization presenting periodic updates to City Council.
Who wants to learn how to make a customized powerpoint show?
There are really three different ways to make this happen.
1. Insert Background Image
2. Create Master page
3. Create Template File

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  1. Ben, I have really enjoyed working with you over this past year and I am so glad you are doing a blog. I hope that Energize Consulting can get one up and running soon. Thanks for all you do for Mississippi. Jan Miller, MMSA, Energize Consulting